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Success Story

Satisfied employees

How to get started with occupational health management

Children and young people, those in need of care or those seeking advice – as a social service provider, Paritätische Braunschweig offers its customers a wide range of advice and support services.


An easy introduction of an OHM concept

Strengthening employee satisfaction in the long term

Serving different interests and needs of employees


Rapid implementation and straightforward onboarding

A holistic health offer covering the individual needs of all employees as a whole

A digital health offer using modern tools to appeal to young employees

This is how Paritätischer Braunschweig succeeded in entering the field of occupational health management with Humanoo

For the Gemeinnützige Gesellschaft für Paritätische Sozialarbeit Braunschweig mbH (Paritätischer Braunschweig), the introduction of Humanoo was the very first step in entering the topic of health management. In this detailed interview, Kai Uwe Krauel, Head of Administration, explains why he opted for Humanoo at the first attempt.

Hello, Mr. Krauel, please start by introducing us to Paritätischer Braunschweig and its employees. What kind of work do you and your employees do?

The Paritätische Braunschweig offers a wide range of counseling and support services for people of all generations and nationalities, for the disabled, the sick, those seeking advice, the needy, the disadvantaged, and people suffering from drug addiction and addiction. In addition, we care for children and adolescents in various day care centers, in school child care and in youth centers. We support children with delayed or disturbed language development in our specially operated speech therapy kindergartens. The majority of our employees work directly in child and youth care, in care professions or in an advisory capacity.

How did you meet Humanoo?

At some point, we wanted to do something good for our own employees in terms of their health. I finally became aware of Humanoo through a presentation by Humanoo’s CEO, Philip Pogoretschnik, at the Employers’ Association in Braunschweig. After that, we decided to introduce Humanoo in all departments for our approximately 650 employees.

With all the competition in the field of occupational health management, why did you choose Humanoo?

The wide range of content offered by the Humanoo app and the modern implementation and design ultimately convinced me. It really seemed like something new to me! Our employees have very different interests and needs. Not all of them are fitness enthusiasts. For some, a healthy and balanced diet is important, while others need more physiotherapeutic support, especially those who spend most of their time at their desks. I also see the easier access to the content in the form of an app as a major advantage over other health promotion offerings.

How would you describe your employees? What makes your workforce tick?

We basically have a very good working atmosphere here. The average age of our workforce is slightly higher than in other industries, at almost 44 years. What also sets us apart is that we have a significantly higher proportion of female employees, which is typical in the nursing professions. And only about 50 of our employees are in administration.

What was the reaction of the employees to the introduction of Humanoo? Was everyone able to use the app?

Our employees reacted very positively to the app. Since Humanoo is very easy to use, even our employees who are otherwise not so tech-savvy are happy to use the app. They really appreciate the fact that the exercises can be accessed from anywhere and that they can also be done from the comfort of their own homes. What pleased me personally was how easy and efficient the entire rollout process with Humanoo was. Thanks to the uncomplicated introduction of the platform, we were able to offer our employees an effective tool for workplace health promotion within a very short time.

Can you say which features of the app are particularly popular with your employees?

Many employees are inspired by the large number of recipes and like to discuss them in the office. The option of receiving health insurance premiums for completed workouts from the app also seems to be very appealing. For many of our employees, this kind of reward is a great motivator to stay active.

Have there been any other positive changes you’ve noticed?

For those employees who use the app regularly, you can tell that they are very happy with it. In addition, the employees talk more often about the app and the offers – you can see that the conversation and cohesion in the team is growing as a result. That makes us particularly happy!

Has Humanoo contributed to achieving the goals within the company?

Since we are currently still in the initial phase with Humanoo, no measurable conclusions can be drawn at the moment. However, we hope to see the first clear results after the first year. My impression, however, is that Humanoo is already having a positive impact on employee satisfaction and the working atmosphere among our staff. The area of occupational health management will continue to develop and should become an integral part of every company in the future. We are glad to have found the right instrument for us in Humanoo.

Mr. Krauel, thank you very much for the interview and for allowing us to gain an impression of the everyday working lives of the employees of Paritätischer Braunschweig!