This is how the Humanoo Health OS works

A dashboard designed to manage and automate occupational health management in your business

  • Central monitoring of all OHM measures
  • Aggregated quarterly reporting
  • Time savings through integration of the most important tools
see all your reporting in one spot with the humanoo health os
integration with your own company calendar inside of the humanoo health os

Central monitoring of all OHM measures

Humanoo offers you a simplified administration of all users and licenses as well as uniform processes for health promotion throughout the entire company.

  • Communication via the app
  • A calendar for event organization
breakdown of content usage of the humanoo app

Aggregated quarterly reporting

HUMANOO measures and manages your company’s health data and keeps you up-to-date on the well-being of all your employees.

  • Data compliance
  • Reporting on activation rate, request rate, user cohorts.
Various HR tools that are used in the Humanoo app

Time savings through integration of the most important tools

Integration with our Health OS allows key occupational health management tools for the entire company to be connected into one platform.

  • Integration with 40+ of the world’s leading HR tools
  • Integration with over 90% of all available trackers

Discover all the features of our Health OS


Create surveys or analyses and get valuable input from all employees.


Create quizzes and promote health awareness on relevant topics among your employees.


Use the calendar to create events, share them with the entire company, and manage them easily.


Get aggregated reports on your employees’ health data.

Data compliance

We process the data appropriately and in accordance with the rules at all times.

In-app messages

Create customized notifications with relevant information to share with your employees.

HR Tools

Humanoo allows the integration with more than 40 of the world’s leading HR tools.


Humanoo is compatible with more than 90% of all trackers on the market.