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Healthy and satisfied employees

How do you cover the personal needs of all employees?

Opinary GmbH is a tech media company based in Berlin and was founded in 2014 by the siblings Pia and Cornelius Frey along with Max Meran. Opinary provides a scalable dialogue offering for online editorial teams and advertisers in order to activate and identify readership via surveys embedded in articles. With Opinary polls, users can take a position on news-related topics with just one click and, after voting, see how they rank on the scale compared to other readers. With the various voting tools, brands can reach more than 125 million users and thus increase awareness, drive high-value users to their website and target campaigns more precisely.


A unified OHM concept for all employees

Strengthening the employees’ health in the long term

Offering each employee exactly what they need at that moment


A digital health promotion system that is accessible anytime, anywhere

An incentive system motivating employees to stay on the ball: Cash Outs

Offers tailored to individual needs for improving one’s own health

Happier employees through Humanoo

In times of a shortage of skilled workers that can be felt practically everywhere in the economy, it is crucial for companies to be attractive to well-trained people and to be able to retain them in the long term – keyword employer branding. For younger people in particular, “making a career” no longer has the same significance as it once did. Instead, for well-educated and motivated people in particular, a good work-life balance is a key criterion when choosing an employer, and with it the work-life balance that can be expected there.

The Berlin-based tech media company Opinary, which specializes in online surveys, was also confronted with precisely this challenge and therefore set out to find ways to improve the work-life balance of its workforce. For Dajana Manthey, Head of Agency & Advertiser Partnerships DACH at Opinary, work-life balance means “being able to harmonize professional and private life in a healthy way”. And that’s exactly what Humanoo offers in her eyes. Closely linked to this topic is the health of employees and thus the question of how this can be improved in the long term. After all, a healthy workforce is generally happier, more motivated and less likely to be absent due to illness. However, because individual needs differ, another challenge was how to give individual employees exactly what they need, when they need it.

Opinary was therefore looking for a solution that could be accessed at any time and from any location, and that could offer services tailored to individual needs to improve their own health. In addition, it was important not only to get employees to participate in health-promoting measures, but above all to motivate them to stay on the ball. And with Humanoo, Opinary found exactly what the company was looking for: a digital solution for promoting the health of its employees that is capable of responding flexibly to a wide range of individual needs and requirements. “The special thing about Humanoo for me is that it can be accessed at any time and any place, and each employee receives individual coaching offers based on what is most important to them and what they need at the moment,” says Dajana Manthey, expressing her enthusiasm for the innovative solution. What sets Humanoo apart from other providers is that they have understood how to get employees to interact in a sustainable way with regard to health. After all, that’s the be-all and end-all of the whole thing: staying on the ball for the long term and integrating a healthy lifestyle into one’s personal everyday life – both professionally and privately. That’s why Manthey clearly associates the term motivation with Humanoo. Because the reward system, whether in the area of exercise, nutrition or even mindfulness, helps the workforce a great deal to stay on the ball and motivates each individual to really reflect on these concepts for themselves.

Manthey’s personal biggest benefit at Humanoo “is actually the cash-out moment.” When you actually get paid based on your own activity, based on your investment in your own health, that’s a great feeling, he says. And that, of course, gives employees additional motivation to improve their health and thus their well-being in the long term, which is why Opinary is so happy to have found just the right partner for this in Humanoo. Because “at the end of the day, we just want the employees to be happy,” as Dajana Manthey concludes. And with Humanoo, that’s easier than ever before.

Humanoo und Opinary – a health app for a modern agency