Zwei Menschen geben in der Humanoo App Feedback

Success Story

Healthy employees, satisfied customers

Strengthening the relationship with customers with digital health management

With over 2 million policyholders, Helsana is the largest health and accident insurance company in Switzerland. Created in 1996 from a merger between Helvetia and Artisana, it serves both individuals and companies. Through innovative approaches, Helsana succeeds in offering individualized support, thus working for a sustainable and qualitative healthcare system. Its promise: Maintaining everyone’s health and well-being for as long as possible and by all means possible.


Offering additional value to customers

Creating a health promotion with a high level of commitment


Innovative and enriching content encouraging regular activity

A holistic health offer addressing individual needs as a whole

A well-rounded health offering through Humanoo

We all strive to be healthy. And yet many people find it difficult to actively invest in their health. Companies are also familiar with this: health management measures are offered, but active participation is usually low. There are many reasons for this. There is often a lack of incentive or awareness of all the positive effects. Finding a suitable solution often turns out to be difficult.

As an insurance partner, Helsana promises to maintain everyone’s health as well as well-being for as long as possible. This required an offer that takes a holistic and at the same time individual approach. After all, the causes of sustainable health are as diverse as they are complex. Helsana already offered its corporate customers an almost comprehensive range of services – and yet the company wanted to generate additional added value. Because only healthy employees are truly satisfied – and only satisfied employees strengthen companies from within with loyalty and motivation. Helsana recognized exactly what it wanted to offer its corporate customers. And Humanoo convinced them with its holistic solution.

The goal was to create a digital health offering that would achieve a high level of regular participation. Users should actively invest in their well-being. And as easy as this may sound at first, the reality is often different: Active participation in health measures in many companies is low. Humanoo can change that, however. “It was a match from the start,” says Tim Adler of Helsana about the collaboration. “I don’t know of any other app that combines such a good offering and is so much fun.” He says our innovative tools are perfect for motivating user:ins to stick with it for the long term and change their behavior. What’s more, he says he’s amazed “that so many people find their own individual reason to use the app, and do so again and again, day after day.” This is precisely the reason for the good collaboration: Helsana and Humanoo are equally convinced that the path to health requires an approach that is individual and sustainable. We have taken both aspects to heart and incorporated them into our solution.

Belinda Furrer, Project Manager Helsana+, is particularly pleased that with Humanoo she can now assist her customers in all kinds of health matters, wherever they are needed. She emphasizes: “In a nutshell, we are committed to the lives of our customers.” And with Humanoo, she says Helsana has found the perfect solution for people to do something good for themselves and invest in their health. To put it in Tim’s words again, “It was a match right from the start!”