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iOS and Android App
Languages 5 5 5
HUMANOO Global Surveys
Customised surveys
Integrated calendar
Individual challenges (2x a year)
HUMANOO Global Challenges max. 10 users unlimited users unlimited users
Rewards shop
BAM - Biological age
Weekly Live Classes
Tips and magazine articles
HR Tool Integration
Automated quarterly report
Individual key figure reporting
Risk assessment of mental stress in the workplace

1-on-1 Video Coaching

Stress coaches
Nutrition coaches
Sleep coaches
Mindfulness coaches
Coaches for mental well-being
Coaches for personal development

Physical health

Acute tension release
Acute tension release
Stretching and mobility exercises
Yoga for all fitness levels

Mental health

i: HUMANOO Audio Coaching
Autogenic training for stress resilience improvement
Soundscapes for relaxation
Meditation for sleep quality improvement


Recipes and nutrition programmes
Daily nutrition tips
Weight management


Global in-app & push Notifications
Customised in-app messages
Customised push messages
Logo integration

Customer service

Digital rollout
Individual rollout support
Customer Success Managers support
Self-services Knowledge Base / Help Centre
Customer Product Workshops
Service level agreement with 99.7% service availability guaranteed

*billed anually
*in the first year 20% setup fee will be added

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