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This is how the Humanoo App works

We improve the mental and physical health of your entire team.

  • Holistic and inclusive health offer
  • High participation rate through gamification
  • Measurable and visualized progress
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Holistic and inclusive health offer

Our health offer covers the most important areas: Fitness, Mindfulness, and Nutrition. Through our holistic approach, we take care of each and every individual need.

  • 1-on-1 Video Coachings
  • Personalized content
  • 3,000+ health promotion programs
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High participation rate through gamification

Our innovative tools encourage regular participation. We raise health awareness and help employees develop a healthier lifestyle.

  • Challenges
  • Quiz
  • Rewards
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Measurable and visualized progress

We collect all the data related to your employees’ health activities and edit them graphically for maximum efficiency.

  • Visualized Progress
  • Surveys
  • Biological Age Model

Discover all the features of our app


We offer 16 different types of challenges encouraging regular activity.

1-on-1 Video Coaching

Employees address individual concerns in one-on-one meetings with experts.


Through surveys, employees share valuable input regarding health-related topics.


Interactive quizzes help employees raise their health awareness in a fun way.

Personalized Content

We offer a range of personalized content in the areas of fitness, mindfulness, and nutrition.

Visualized Progress

Employees receive an overview of their progress in order to achieve health goals.


We motivate employees to actively work on their health by rewarding their progress.

3,000+ health promotion programs

Our holistic offering of over 3,000+ programs covers any health need.

Weekly Class

Employees can participate in Weekly Classes taught by health experts.


Employees receive notifications about relevant information in our app.


Our app provides a simple overview for all upcoming events in the company.


Our library features numerous categories with specifically selected content related to health promotion.