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How do you manage to get physical activity into your workday?

The Berlin-based company focuses on high-quality and, above all, fairly produced coffee, which it sells online. Their unique concept, which focuses on sustainability and social commitment, gives them a clear USP.


Integrating physical activity and movement into the workday

An OHM concept designed specifically for young and sedentary employees


Using gamification as a way to motivate employees for regular exercise

A digital health offer with modern content appealing to young employees

This is how Coffee Circle succeeded in delivering health offerings that its employees really want

Dorothee Baldenhofer, HR and Office Manager at Coffee Circle, was keen to improve the well-being of her employees both at work and in their private lives. A survey was conducted to determine the wishes of the employees in order to ensure that the planned health offers would meet their needs.

Dear Ms. Baldenhofer, when and why did Coffee Circle decide to do something for the health of its employees?

About a year and a half ago, we made a conscious decision to do more in the area of occupational health management for our employees. We are a relatively young team, but most of our employees sit at their desks. Regular exercise is often neglected. We want to actively support our employees in staying fit and healthy in the long term.

Please tell us something about the structure at Coffee Circle. What is the composition of your workforce? Have you offered Humanoo to all Coffee Circle employees?

Behind Coffee Circle are 66 people who are passionate about really good coffee. We roast and package our coffee in our own roastery. Our customers can then order our coffee directly to their homes via our online store – but we also supply companies and cafés with our coffee. Since August 2019, we have also opened our first café here in Berlin-Wedding. We offered Humanoo to all our employees and are very happy that so many of them use the app. In general, it has become clear that our employees would like to exercise more and that some of them do not sleep well. In addition, there is very little time for rest in everyday life.

What does a typical workday at Coffee Circle look like?

Actually, the workday varies greatly. Our logistics and roasting team probably start their workday the earliest – the office doesn’t start filling up until around 9 a.m.. Between 1 and 2 p.m. is the lunch break, which is spent either in nearby restaurants or in our kitchen. Some of us might even go for a walk around the block to get some fresh air. Once a week, some colleagues meet for our Mediation Initiative – before the lunch break – to get away from it all and find some peace.

Did you ask your employees in advance whether they would like to have a health promotion program and, if so, what form it should take?

Yes, we conducted a survey to determine the needs of our employees, and most of them expressed a desire to exercise more. Healthy eating was also mentioned, but we are already relatively well positioned in this area: we offer our employees fruit and vegetables in the office and sometimes cook together.

Do you see a connection between employee satisfaction and the health of your employees? Are you active in other areas besides Humanoo?

We are firmly convinced that health-related well-being is closely linked to the satisfaction of our employees. The working environment should be a place that does not compromise health, and our employees should also feel that we care about their health.

Why did you ultimately choose Humanoo?

Humanoo contacted me and described their offer. I found the idea exciting from the start, as I had already planned to organize a Step Challenge, but didn’t know how to make it as simple as possible – it’s much easier to do this via an app. We were also convinced by Humanoo’s holistic concept.

How did your employees react to the introduction of Humanoo?

The majority of our team was delighted with the app and signed up straight away. It also helped a lot that we started our first Step Challenge right after the launch because people were very motivated to take part. We then had another group challenge before Christmas, which also met with great enthusiasm. Our employees are particularly interested in the topic of nutrition, but the Humanoo strength training program is also used a lot. Personally, I’ve noticed that I’m paying more attention to getting enough exercise and stretching during work.

What is the company culture like at Coffee Circle?

The Step Challenges in particular have ensured that the teams have also exchanged more with each other. I’m now curious to see whether the new individual challenges will also be used, with which colleagues can challenge each other.

What do you see as the biggest challenges in recruiting new employees?

We want to offer our employees things that are useful to them and have a positive impact on their well-being – both at work and in their private lives. Humanoo plays a big role in this because it shows that the health of our employees is important to us.

Has the introduction of Humanoo been worthwhile from a company perspective?

As we have only been working with Humanoo since September 2019, it is perhaps still a little too early to draw a definitive conclusion, but so far the response has been very good, which is also reflected in the usage figures.

What do you think employees need in order to enjoy going to work?

I think employees need both a professional perspective in the company and a working environment that is fun, where they feel comfortable and enjoy being.

What do you think the work of tomorrow should look like?

I would like to see more tailored programs, preventive measures and also more incentives for smaller companies so that employees can stay fit and healthy. Tomorrow’s work can be designed flexibly and responds to the needs of employees. I am sure that this will also benefit the success of the company. At Coffee Circle, I think we are already close to achieving this.

Thank you very much for the pleasant conversation and the insight into the world of Coffee Circle, dear Ms. Baldenhofer!