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How hybrid work helps achieve a better work-life balance


Hybrid working can allow you and your colleagues to dedicate more personal time to exercise, seeing friends and family, pursuing hobbies, and being present parents. Reduced days in the office can also save money that would have been spent on commuting and can reduce an organization’s carbon footprint.

Hybrid is in demand for a huge proportion of workers. They see it as a means of achieving a better work-life balance and improved overall wellbeing at work and at home.

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Prevent the “always at work” culture

Technology has made hybrid and remote work possible and has in many ways made it more comfortable for professionals to spend time outdoors. Technology nowadays makes work extremely mobile, giving individuals the chance to break away, even if only briefly, from the confines of the indoor office.

However, the smartphone can also be a barrier to unplugging from the work-related activities that cause stress and fatigue. In short, modern technology is making it both easier and harder for workers to take advantage of time. Focus on building an organizational culture that values employees’ freedom to control their own schedules, but also sets clear and fair expectations for work productivity and team contributions — regardless of when the work gets done or how team meetings and activities are organized.

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Be flexible about the structure of the workday

The traditional workday can be an impediment to enjoying the outdoors. Indoor environments are easily controlled thanks to modern technology, but when it comes to getting outside, to some extent, people are at the mercy of nature. Depending on geography and seasonal changes, the ideal time to be outside is when many workers are expected to be inside at their desks.

If the workday is viewed more flexibly and employees are given the opportunity to restructure their schedules seasonally or based on other relevant factors, they may be more inclined to take advantage of the best times to get outdoors. For example, during colder months with shorter days, workers may be more inspired to engage in outdoor activities if they’re able to divide the workday with a long midday break. Depending on the region, workers may also benefit from being allowed to start their workdays earlier or later in the day in order to get outdoors before or after work.

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Strengthening team spirit is a must

Work-life balance is undoubtedly improved, yet many employees miss shared meetings in the office kitchen and ideas exchanged during breaks.

Human connection can be lost and alienate the worker from their team. Creativity is needed to strengthen the team spirit. Joint events promote the exchange of ideas and ensure that employees can continue to identify with the team and the company. In addition, there are now also virtual solutions such as teams that work together across locations, come together, and can be close to each other despite geographical distance.

It’s important to take care of physical health

Ergonomic working is not a sensation confined to the office. Employees should be educated as to how they can set up their remote workstation accurately in order to preserve good musculoskeletal health, prevent fatigue, eliminate risks, and sustain a productive environment. In addition to clear direction on how to set up workstations, workers should be provided with equipment that will allow them to create a healthy home working structure. Depending on the worker and the role, this is likely to include adjustable ergonomic chairs that reduce strain on the spine, neck, and hips, and monitors and keyboards relieving common strain associated with extended time using a laptop.

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The pandemic has contributed to work-related stress, but it has also prompted employers to explore non-traditional ways of structuring work and managing employees.

Only those who remain mentally and physically flexible and fit can look boldly into a new era. That’s why we like to encourage your employees to live healthier, more productive, and happier lives in the long term with our holistic app. This is how we motivate them to perform at their best – both at work and in their private lives!

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