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A 360-degree approach

A good OHM policy is a holistic response to many challenges

Since 2003 and thanks to its “Best cared for” philosophy, Korian has become the leading private provider of care and nursing services for seniors in Europe. With around 24,000 employees, they also number among the largest trainers in the care sector.


Strengthening the team spirit within the company

Increasing employer branding, especially among young employees

Reducing sick days


Community challenges designed to strengthen the team spirit

A digital health offer with modern content that appeals to young employees

A digital health promotion program using innovative tools as an incentive for regular participation

How the KORIAN AG finds and retains care staff with the Humanoo APP

Quiet quitting, work-related overload and burnout haven’t only become internet buzzwords since the pandemic. Especially for companies in the care sector, it is becoming increasingly difficult to win skilled workers and keep existing ones.

Not uncommonly, the dissatisfaction within the company causes a high turnover rate and increased numbers of sick days. Within the care sector, these are with 24.6 days a total of 10 days above the German average. Because particularly in sectors in which staff care for others, self-care is often neglected – even though the physical and emotional strain is great.

The Korian AG – two times TOP EMPLOYER of the German care sector

The Korian AG, Germany’s biggest private provider of care services, knows the importance of employee satisfaction for a healthy organization. That’s why the company enables their roughly 24,000 employees free access to the Humanoo Health App. The company, belonging to the French Korian group, is the only employer in the German care sector that, for the second time in a row already, was awarded the “TOP EMPLOYER” seal
We spoke to two representatives of the Korian AG about their use of Humanoo:

1) Chief human resources officer Eva Lettenmeier revealed why modern operational health support is so important for Korian and

2) her colleague Sofia Warnke, operational health manager at Korian, knows how employees connect with the company emotionally.

“Every day I’m trying to improve the health and work of care staff a little bit and digital health promotion measures are absolutely sustainable and future-oriented”, says the health manager, who always takes the time to listen to the needs of the employees.

How Korian has its employees’ back

“As an employer, we believe in local, as well as centralized offers, to improve and maintain the health of our employees”, explains chief human resources officer Eva Lettenmeier. “Back therapy training or massages, which are offered locally in our facilities, could only take place in a limited way over the last years because of the pandemic. That’s why the Humanoo Health App, with its over 3,000 health programs and individual training schedules, is a valuable addition for us.” In addition to this, the company offers, via the Korian Akademie und Stiftung (Korian academy and foundation), practical courses on burnout prevention, self-management, resilience, and dealing with stress – including virtually.
For employees, it is important to see and feel a strong team behind them. “It implies that a strong employer stands behind them, who supports them, who sees them, who recognizes them, values and respects them”, says health manager Sofia Warnke and adds: “Thanks to the gamification factor the activities and challenges are great fun. This not only supports health but also team spirit within the company.”

The best healthcare is self-care

“We as an employer can do everything to limit the strains of a challenging occupation, but of course, a healthy lifestyle away from work also needs a little bit of proactivity”, asserts chief human resources officer Eva Lettenmeier. A part of the engagement needs to come from the employees themselves, agrees her colleague from health management: “First and foremost it’s about taking care of oneself”, says Sofia Warnke. “Because only when I take care of myself, can I take care of others.” Together with Humanoo, Korian AG opened up a modern and contemporary offer to their employees, which thanks to the gamification factor is fun and which delivers additional motivation with Cash Back.

The modern answer to the stress factors of today

“For me, Humanoo is innovative, future-oriented and sustainable”, health manager Sofia Warnke summarises her experience with the digital health platform, with which her company captures the spirit of the time. Today, not only in the care sector, the majority of people have the feeling that their job is one of the biggest stress factors in their life. For this reason, more and more companies take the initiative and offering measures to reduce this pressure. With an average ROI of 1:4 company-driven health measures prove to be especially effective and can increase staff retention considerably.

How Korian supports its employees’ health with Humanoo